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Standardized Occupational Components for
Research and Analysis of Trends in Employment System

All SOCRATES users should review the links below for TWC's "Local Workforce Development Board Planning Guidelines", our "SOCRATES Planning and Research Documents" and the "WHAT's NEW in SOCRATES" notices to stay abreast of updated data tables, research files and system enhancements for optimal use of these comprehensive regional LMI planning tools.


SOCRATES software is designed as a tool to assist local Texas planners perform a regional labor market analysis. SOCRATES is useful for local workforce planning under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) to generate lists of Targeted Industries and Targeted Occupations: Complimentary labor market analysis tools are also available in the SOCRATES system which are designed as integral modules for additional area economic analysis and career information scenarios:
The planning guidelines issued for targeted industries and occupations and approved by the Texas Workforce Commission / Workforce Development Division are documented at:
Local Workforce Development Board Planning Guidelines
Additional related planning research material and downloadable work files in link:
SOCRATES Planning and Research Documents
New processing enhancements and data updates available in this version:

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